Everything But Red

For the Intermediate Graphic Design course (SMFA, Boston), we had to imagine a specialist store and design a branding system for it. My idea was a grocery shop that would sell food with the exception of RED foods. The produce would be sorted according to colours. So, in the shop, there would be yellow section (pasta, oil, lemons, etc., brown foods would belong here, too), green section (parsley, spinach, etc.) and blue-ish section (that’s the hard one, some plums could be here). I tend to assemble/cook my meals according to colours rather than tastes. Usually, they look and taste pretty good. Perhaps having food display in a shop structured according to colours could inspire new meals and taste combinations. I love this idea. I might open a shop like that one day.

Below are a few mock-ups of how the branding system could work. (I don’t exactly like the colour scheme any more – I would change it in the future.)