De Stijl poster

The task was to create a poster about the artistic style assigned to the students by the teacher. I was assigned De Stijl (The Style) – early XX century movement originated in the Netherlands, taking the simplicity to its extremes in terms of shape (squares and rectangles) and color (red, blue, yellow, black and white). Mondrian is one of the most famous De Stijl artist.

The poster design was meant to relate to the design principles pertinent to the given style. I was inspired by axonometric projections popularized by De Stijl followers (see image below), nowadays commonly used, for instance, in architecture. The little blurb on the poster gives more detail about the style and axonometric projection. The font I used is also from that era, designed by Theo Van Deosburg. Not the easiest to read, but give it a go.