RNA jigsaw puzzles

IMGP2880In 2012, I made an RNA jigsaw puzzle game, which was actually a Christmas present for my partner (we have thematic Christmas, and the theme of 2012 was “DNA and RNA” – I know, geeky). The game consisted of two sets of puzzles: 1. Messanger RNA – transcription, and 2. transfer RNA – translation (indistinctly labeled boxes).


The task was to put together the messenger RNA strand on the left side and then fit in the transfer RNA on the right side and read the message. Messenger RNA conveys genetic message from DNA to ribosome ). In ribosome (not shown in the game), transfer RNA carry amino acids, which then are combined into a protein. In the game, transfer RNAs are the pieces on the right side of the photo. They are composed of three letter code on the left side of a piece and one letter of the alphabet on the right side. The three letter code of transfer RNA matches the code of the messenger RNA. And the solitary letter symbolizes an amino acid. The letters add up to a sentence which represents a protein.